Authentic Lebanese
& Italian Restaurant



is the Answer

Quality Control

In our endless pursuit of finesse and perfection, we give strong attention and devotion to all steps of production and all kinds of ingredients selected, keeping the goodness at its highest to ensure superiority and perfection.

To us, quality and perfection are the name of the game and we truly believe that it is the golden link between success and fame, thus our center of attraction was ever evolving around quality control and fine selection of prime components.

Day to day, supervision is an endless task that goes around the clock without any rest, so that our clients get the best of the best, all of the way.. all the time.

Lebanese food

Italian Taste

The place

Cozy and lively 14 branches, our hosts are always happy to see you and serve you the food you like

The taste

On The Wood serves Lebanese rich food with the authentic oriental flavour in addition to chosen dishes from italian cuisine


The Opportunity

The evolution of "On The Wood" is natural, similar to the quality of fresh and healthy ingredients that they use every day. You will not find any ready made goods on their counters or shelves; it all comes fresh out the oven to the consumer. Recognized by Time Out Magazine "On The Wood" has won two distinguished awards: "Best Mankoushe Kneffe" and "Best Dish". "On the Wood" restaurants now seek like minded strategic investors to expand their franchise around the world that share their commitment of excellence and the spirit of originality and innovation.